First day of school

***2nd January 13***




Yes like finally Darian started school today! He is attending a three hour nursery programme at a PCF Kindergarten around our neighbourhood. Just a few days before, I was really worried for him. Worried if he would cry, if he would get bullied, if he would enjoy school… blah blah… the list goes on. Fortunately on the first day of school, we (Papa Yap took two days of leave to send his precious son to school) were totally glad that he did not cry at all and adapted pretty well. Our brave boy! 🙂 I was actually anticipating some tears. Thank god he did not. I was so relieved knowing that I will cry if he starts crying. Heehee 😉 I was trying hard to peep through in between the blinds looking for him. I felt as though I was having the separation anxiety rather than him. Papa Yap thought I was silly. Haha 😉

After school, he was beaming with joy and relating to us about the things he did in school when we fetched him. At night while taking his shower, he randomly said, “I like my school. I like friends. I share toys with friends.” This definitely made me even happier and much more relieved. At least I know that he is truly happy.

So today marks another milestone for Darian. How exciting! Both Papa Yap and I are very proud of him. Love you Darling Darian! ❤



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