New Year Eve at PS

***31st December***

In the late afternoon, we met up with the Lim family at Plaza Singapura for a Baby Spa date. Baby Dyann was not in her best mood for a dip in the water tub for sure. She did not have enough sleep in the day and was feeling rather grouchy. She only managed to swim for 10 minutes and started crying. At least Baby Pryde enjoyed his water play for a good half an hour. According to mummy Jenny, Pryde does not like going for the Baby Spa lately. Maybe this time round because Darian was playing with him, he felt much happier and was able to stay in water for a longer while. 😉






After Baby Spa, we walked around the mall and the newly open extension of Plaza Singapura for a while before settling our dinner at Nandos. Dinner at Nandos was good. All of us ordered a quarter set each and a jug of Citra. Their peri peri chicken is delicious and you get to choose various spice level. Just like Kenny Rogers, the quarter chicken comes with 2 sides, which can be chosen. But personally we prefer Kenny Rogers to Nandos. Not that Nandos is not tasty, it is really personal preferences. Anyway it is nice to eat something different for a change. If you are craving for something much more flavourful, Nandos is still one great choice. 🙂





After our hearty dinner, we slacked around Starbucks for coffee and desserts. Mummy Jenny needs her daily dosage of sweetness while I need my caffeine. 😉 Super envious of mummy Jenny that she stays so slim after giving birth and with her amount of food intake! Envy can! 😉 We went home at around 9pm. With my princess, it is really hard to stay out late. She gets very grouchy when she is deprived of her beauty sleep. Heehee 😉 Nonetheless, it was really one great New year eve meet up with the Lim Family! 🙂





Thank you mummy Jenny for the lovely gifts! The kids love their new toys! 🙂



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