Old School Delights

***26th December***

 Lunchie at Old School Delights


Menu on chalkboard


Old school reads, snacks and games. The snacks and games are for sale.

We went to Old School Delights for our late lunch. It is located at the stretch of shophouses along the busy road thus parking is a little hassle. Knowing that it will be very crowded during the night and weekends, we decided to pop by on a weekday instead. The place feels exactly like a classroom. There are chalkboard on both sides, wooden furniture, menu that comes in an exercise book style, and some childhood kids game to play with. Totally old school style. Cool! Really a nice place to lunch with family and friends but I do not think it is any baby friendly at all.


Those old school tins biscuits


Yummy looking cakes on counter


Wooden tables and chairs


Our order written on a whiteboard! I think the servers willl have a headache figuring the writings of any doctor customers. Haha 😉


Zero point! Oh my goodness when was the last time I play this? Was it like 18 years ago?!


Darian playing with the wooden toy gun.


Say Cheeze!


Gege and meimei


Look mommy, there are things in the wooden box!

At Old School Delights, they serve local asian food, desserts and cakes. We ordered quite a lot of food and had a great time eating till we were like bursting. Haha… Gosh, I realised that I have been eating a lot since Papa Yap returned. I almost forgotten that I am supposed to be on diet as in strict diet! Hmm… Also, there is a wooden box on every table with card game like Happy Family/Donkey/Snap/Old Maid, a magnetic board game, five stones and the flag erasers. The Flag erasers totally brings back fond memories. Was sharing with Papa Yap how boyish I was to be playing the ‘Flag Erasers Game’. Heehee 😉 It’s definitely cute to see a table of adults playing these childhood games. And for the kids, I guess they would be entertained for quite sometime too! Awesome! 🙂


Drinking our ice teh!


Macaroni soup. A simple dish that really tasted homely.


Yummy Laksa D’lite!


Kueh Pie tee. This is good!


Black pepper chicken chop. It was not really that fantastic according to Papa Yap. Simple, decent, filling.


Tuckshop winglets. The wings are really delicious! Very well marinated, deep-fried and juicy. We thought of ordering the second serving at $2.90 but we were too full for more. Next time!


My lovely girl


Darian eating the ball biscuits.

To sum up, we enjoyed our visit, our food at Old School Delights! One fine day, we will be back there again to try out other dishes and cakes. Till then!  🙂



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