Christmas evening at Seng Kang Riverside Park

***25th December***

Dinner at the Mushroom Cafe was good! The food is to our likings and not expensive at all. Mushroom Cafe is actually managed by Old Chang Kee. This explains why the finger food all taste so familiar. The place would remind you of a simple canteen, nothing fanciful but I like it. This is my second time there(check out my first visit) and I think we will definitely revisit again. We had fishballs, french fries, nuggets, chicken stew with rice, mee rebus and mushroom soup for dinner. Both Papa Yap and I think that the chicken stew is tasty. The savoury sauce surely goes very well with the rice and it makes you feel like eating more. Yums! The mee rebus was not too bad either, comparable to the standard at Qiji. What I like about the menu is that you have the option to choose rice, noodles, or loaf for most of the main courses. 🙂 So if you fancy a simple, filling and decent meal in the park, I think Mushroom Cafe is an excellent place for it. 🙂







We had brought along the wooden bike(passed down from Jeff) for Darian to ride around the park as well and he enjoyed it. He was going around in it before and after dinner. Really kept him occupied and entertained. 🙂



After a filling dinner, we had a stroll around the park before heading back home. Weather was really chilly and I can’t wait to get into the car.



Yet another awesome day with my loves.



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