Downtown East

***22nd December***

Brought the kids to Downtown East for a walk. It has been quite sometime since we last came here. Still the same but with pretty Christmas decorations. Got two tickets (Papa Yap and Darian) at $3 each for the train ride only to realise that accompanied adult is free. Haha… I was thinking to let Darian take another round of train ride before leaving but he was not interested at all. Guess he didn’t really enjoy the ride after all. So I ended up giving away the ticket to a little boy. And I am glad to make him happy. 🙂







Then we went to Tea Valley for some snacks and drinks. It was that somehow familiar and nostalgic feeling that reminds us of our courtship days. Papa Yap and I started talking about how we used to come here for their bubble teas and taiwanese snacks way back then. It has been real long. And now we are here with two kiddos. Just how time flies! 🙂





Photo credit : Little Darian! 🙂

Yet another happy Saturday!



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