Home sweet home 2

***20 December***

Before bringing Darian to Polliwogs, we went down to Tampines Mall in the noon for lunch and the boys’ haircut at the express cut house as well. We settled our lunch at EAT. Papa Yap was more than happier to eat some chinese food after so many days of western. 🙂


The boys having their haircut at EC house.


Fishball noodles. So far we really think that this is one of the best fishball noodles we ever tasted so far.


Minced meat noodles. Papa Yap’s favourite at EAT.



Our initial plan for the later noon was to bring Darian to Polliwogs at Robertson Walk followed by shopping at Takashimaya. However there was a change of plan as by the time we head toward there, it was already quite late and there was a massive jam from Kallang to CTE according to the signboard. And so we made a detour on PIE to Polliwogs East Coast instead. Our first time to Polliwogs at East Coast. Same like Robertson Walk, there are two play arenas – one for the young toddlers and the other for the older kids. The place is smaller compared to the one at Robertson Walk but I guess it is still good enough for a three-year old kid to play around for hours. For the older kids, the play area is built with ball pools, obstacle courses, fun slides, ball volcanoes and a shooting area. The toddler’s play area features toddler-sized slide unit as well as a ball pit and interactive activity panels and station. Darian surely had a great deal of fun playing around. As usual Papa Yap and I took turn to look after Darian. We were the last few customers of the day. So about 6pm, most of the parents and kids had already left. This was the best time for Darian to play on his own while we both lounged around. We left the place at about 6.40pm and headed to Marina Square for dinner.


Play time!


Shooting in action


Papa and meimei ❤


Ball Pit is so so fun!


Crawling through the yellow tunnel




This slide is way too small for me can!


Half Time!


I can balance.


Ouch! 😉


I love ball pits!


I am ben 10!


Daddy’s two loves ❤


Our sweetheart ❤


Mommy and princess ❤


Love ❤❤

Dinner was at Kenny Rogers. As Papa Yap was feeling super tired and sleepy due to the jet lag, we went home thereafter. Thursday was really wonderful with the loves of my life! So while my three loved ones were already in lala land, I was still doing the laundry and area cleaning. Boohoo that’s my life but I seriously do not mind it at all! 🙂

Contented 🙂


Christmas tree at Marina Square


My precious sonny! ❤


My boys ❤



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