Home sweet home

***20th December***

Finally, my pest controller/delivery man/chauffeur/handyman Papa Yap is back from the States! 🙂 He hitched a ride from Davmes and reached home at around 3am. While I was sitting in the living room waiting for Papa Yap, Darian came out looking for me. He wanted me to get back to sleep together with him but I need to open the door for his father. I thought of surprising Darian and decided not to tell him that I was actually waiting for Papa Yap. I told him that I was waiting for a friend to pass me something. Haha kids are just so easy to bluff through eh! So he sat on the sofa waiting for ‘my friend’. I tell you the moment he saw Papa Yap at the door, his eyes were like glowing and beaming with happiness. He was really so so delighted and excited to see his father. He ran to the door and started talking to him. Yes he was still smiling, all the way until we were back on bed and in fact till he eventually slept. He even insisted to wait for Papa Yap to shower and slept only after Papa Yap dozed off. A truly happy boy he was. 🙂 I bet he must have missed his father real badly.

Later in the morning at 9am Papa Yap went to the Macdonalds to get brekkie for us all. He came back with a happy meal toy Batman and also a set of Macdonald food miniatures. These very well brighten up Darian’s day. 🙂 Soon, Papa Yap started unpacking his luggage after brekkie. This time round instead of only bringing back dirty laundry for me, he got us some clothing and shades for himself and me as well. 🙂 This is his first time buying us things on his own. Not too bad! 🙂


A set at $12. I was telling Papa Yap that the cardboard box would be torn pretty soon in the hands of Darian. And true enough, it was torn in less than an hour. Haha 🙂


Our gifts from Papa Yap 🙂

Papa Yap thinks that I did a great job looking after the kids and managing the household. He thinks I am one fantastic mommy. I am just glad that he is back safely. Absence does make the heart grows fonder for sure. I was really missing him like crazy. 24 days is über long can!

Love love! ❤❤



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