Mommy and the kiddos to Compass point

***17th December***

Day 21 – 3 more days to seeing Papa Yap!

My very first time driving the kids to the mall to run some errands. Surprisingly, Baby Dyann was very cooperative seating in her car seat throughout the journey, to and fro back home. I was like anticipating some cries. Fortunately it did not happen. 😉 Settled the bills, got some stuff from kiddy palace, bought lunch home and even drove to the petrol kiosk to top up the petrol. When I mentioned to Papa Yap and Mummy Jenny that I brought the kiddos out to Compass point, both of them said the same thing, “power”. Even my sister and aunt were surprised that I brought them out myself. Hahaha… Somehow I think I am really one super mommy for sure! Seriously it is indeed tiring to bring the two kids out by myself. Having Baby Dyann in the baby carrier (I rather not use the pram as it would be more troublesome), carrying the baby bag,  holding all the barangs and following the 3 years old boy closely… total shag… Really can’t wait for the man to be back! 🙂


Getting ready to go 🙂


Meimei seated in her car seat in front 🙂


While Gege on his car seat at the back 🙂



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