Post pregnancy



Seriously it is hard enough to get back to pre-pregnancy shape already (Alright, I still couldn’t fit into majority of my clothes!) and now I am facing this hair loss issue. This really sucks! I have been dropping a lot of hairs lately. So much so that I am quite afraid to see the amount of hair on the floor and in the bathroom. Right now I am using the Phyto hairloss series. Hopefully it will greatly improve my hair loss problem. To think of going through these physical changes again, is actually quite scary. So how to have #3? Heehee 😉

That’s why mommies are always the greatest. Not only we have to go through pain to deliver the babies, we have to face the physical changes as well. So all daddies out there, please make sure that you guys appreciate and treasure your wives and mothers. It is never easy to be someone’s wife and mother okay! 😉



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