Day 19

***15th December***

5 days more to seeing Papa Yap. Hooray! 🙂


This will be the last stay home weekend for us and Papa Yap will be coming back in a few days time. Yay! Somewhat I really feel that time passes very fast. Which is good at the same time. But I do hope that time will slow down after Papa Yap returns. There are just too many activities lining up for us. 🙂 Did I even mention that Papa Yap will be on leave until the first week of 2013. Happiness! 🙂 I guess Darian must have miss Papa Yap very much too. He has been asking about him every now and then. Hmm… The last time when Papa Yap went Aussie, Darian was only one year plus and he is definitely not sensible enough to ask for Papa Yap. Unlike now. How I wish Papa Yap need not go for anymore oversea exercises. Haha… quite impossible eh! 😉

Right now, we are counting down to Thursday! ❤



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