18 weeks old Baby Dyann

   Dyann is now 7.2kg and 63cm. I am glad to know that she is growing well. Looking at her growth chart, Dr Ho mentioned Baby Dyann is really putting on quite a bit and she is going to look like another ball just like Darian. She wants me to control her milk intake. But seriously how to? It is rather challenging. Baby Dyann has a fiery temper. She gets real grouchy when she is hungry or tired. Her wails are so loud that my neighbour at the other end can also hear her. And her cries kind of scare me. 😉



At 18 weeks old Baby Dyann is able to grasp and reach for objects, hold up her head while lying on tummy, hold her head steady when upright, attempt to roll over one side, squeal in delight and make a lot of cooing sound. She responds very well to us, like turning to the direction of our voices and smiling back at us. Oh and she really enjoys blowing bubbles as in playing with her saliva. Haha 🙂




I love waking up to see her smiling at me every morning. She has got such a lovely smile that is so angelic, so beautiful. Her smile simply brightens up my day.  ❤



Aww… Just love her to bits. muacks  ❤



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