***8th December ***

On Saturday afternoon, Mummy Jenny, Daddy Steven and Baby Pryde came over with lunch from Soup Restaurant. It was a belated birthday treat for me. Samsui chicken with ginger rocks! 🙂 They bought Darian a belated birthday pressie as well. Darian was so happy to received his first Play-Doh set from Auntie Jenny. He was totally engrossed playing with it until they left in the evening. It really kept him busy for so many hours. I was amazed. 🙂 Dough play is a good plaything for kids as it stimulates learning and enhances children fine motor skills, creativity and imagination skills. The downside of it, is that it can be real messy. Haha this is as a parent’s perspective for sure. So it was an afternoon of chilling out at my place with the Lim family. So nice of Mummy Jenny to plan on a home visit for me! Heehee 🙂


Little miss dragon and Little mister dragon 🙂


And the big baby insisted to be in the picture! Haha 🙂


Play dough time!


“I love dough play”

***9th December***

The cuzzies SukChing and SukLing together with Irwin and Kim popped over the next day with food and gifts too. They bought Darian a Leapfrog Tag Reader as birthday pressie which I like it very much. Well Darian was really interested in it too and kept trying it out on the trial book. Will be getting him some Leapfrog books for him pretty soon. 🙂 Darian had much fun playing around with his gugus and uncles. Not forgetting Baby Dyann, they carried her around and she was all smiley. So adorable can. 😉 And I think she likes Kim as she was always looking at him. Haha… So we ended our session after the KFC dinner at 6-ish. It was really another great home visit. 🙂


From SukChing, SukLing and LinHui! 🙂

Once again, thanks peeps for coming by with great food and wonderful gifts and at the same time accompanying us for the day. I am very sure Darian was delighted to see you guys and enjoyed this weekend too! Cheers 🙂



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