Darian’s school Orientation

***7th December***


Brought Darian to his school orientation. Was really disappointed in the school way of conducting orientation. Tell me what do you as parent especially new parent to the school want to see during orientation? I believe you will have the same expectation as me or perhaps even more.

For me, first I would expect to see ALL related teachers to be around during orientation. Parents and the kids need to know who their teachers are so as they will know who to approach during their first few days of school. We were fortunate enough that Darian’s teacher is around. At least Darian got to see who his teacher is. I overheard a mother asking for her son teacher and she really looked disappointed after finding out that she was not around.

Second, there is a NEED to bring us around the centre to let us as new parents to the school get familiarise with environment and classroom. It is very important to allow the kids to have a sense of awareness of how their classroom/school looks like. At least on the first day of school, it will kind of lessen their tension and anxiety in a totally new environment. Because of that overcrowded and messy sales of uniform counter, we got to view Darian’s classroom. Let me tell you why. Initially I approached a teacher and was told that the classrooms were not ready for viewing. I was super disappointed hearing that and proceeded to purchase the uniforms. Seeing that there is no way I could squeeze into that small area with Darian to try out the sizes and make payment, I decided to walk him around. Then I happened to see the nursery classroom opened and a teacher inside attending to one parent. I immediately brought Darian inside and showed him around. And that was when I found out that she was Darian’s teacher. So we were really lucky right?

Third, I think timetable and nametag are like essential. The timetable should be given during orientation so that parents will be able to know when are their kids having music and movement, mother tongue class, refreshment and so on…And since there are two different sets of school clothing, parents need to know when do the kids need to put on the uniform n PE attire too. Nametag is equally important as well. Just tell me how do you call the kids on their first day of school without a nametag. Do you think they will all be cooperative enough to even tell you their names? Even so do you think the teacher will be able to remember all the names?

Having said so, if I know that the school orientation is purely on listening to school philosophy and curriculum and to purchase the uniforms (the sales of uniform counter was totally overcrowded and messy). I WOULD NOT ask my mum to take a day leave to attend to my baby. Seriously! Not that I want to be a fussy parent, these really are the basic standard of a school orientation. Even my friends and cousins(who are not even parents) agreed with me. And YES there is a need to give valuable feedbacks to the school for them to improve. I am talking about feedbacks not complaints alright. Haha 😉

 I don’t know if it is all along the school practice to have orientation in the beginning of December. During my years in the early childhood sector, normally it is held at the end of December whereby the classrooms  are already nicely decorated and set up to showcase to parents and children. All necessary information regarding the kids will be given to parents during orientation so that parents will have a clearer picture of the school and what to be expected. This is what I called professionalism.

Anyway I just hope that Darian will enjoy school next year and there will not be anymore unhappiness regarding school matters if not then we will probably look into changing school. *cross fingers*



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