Shave or not to shave

After so long of procrastination and dilemma, I decided not to shave off Baby Dyann’s head. Initially I wanted to shave her hair mainly because I noticed she has been dropping quite a lot of hair. Every morning when she wakes up, there will be plenty of hair on the napkin that her head rests on. Subsequently I observed that it is because she always shake her head vigorously left and right in the midst of her sleep and that causes her hair to fall off after continuous rubbing. Being a worrier, I went to google about it and apparently it is rather common in babies. But seriously this got to stop soon as her hair at the back is really getting thinner and thinner by the day. Super worried to see bald patches.

It is our chinese traditional practice to shave off baby’s hair during first or fourth month old. It is said that after shaving, their ‘new hair’ will be thicker and prettier. Some even shave off their babies’ eyebrows. Blah Blah… Hmm well technically there isn’t any scientific proof on that. It just old folks saying. I have seen and heard about babies shaving off their hair yet thereafter it is as thin as before and worse still their hair grow in patches.


Just look at her. Aww… I really cannot bear to shave off her hair. Festives are around the corner and there is no way that her hair will grow fast. I just want her to look pretty in her photos. 🙂 Will probably bring her to trim her hair soon. So till then. 🙂



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