Belated birthday surprise

***1st December***


My sister and John came to visit us on Saturday. She really surprised me with a cake after I came out from the bathroom… And she insisted to take totally unglam photos of me with the cake. Idiotic sister I have. 😉 Then it was down to Putien (yet again) with my sister and John for a birthday treat. Well she was the one who wanted to eat at Putien, not me, but of course I wouldn’t mind it too. My sister ordered so many dishes. We were like having a feast! Not only these dishes, she also ordered a medium putien fried bee hoon and deep-fried chicken with garlic. Thanks to Mister good eater John, we finished up all the yummy food! Seriously how to get back to pre-pregnancy shape when people around continually feed me with good food! 😉 As for my Birthday present, it is still on pending as I don’t really know what I want.


Drunken Cockles – Wine Marinated Cockles cooked with plenty of garlic and chilli. The only dish that I don’t eat. But according to the two of them, this dish is really appetising and tasty.


Spinach with salted egg and century egg in supreme stock. Alright this savory dish is well-flavoured and definitely goes along very well with rice.


Braised pig intestine. Thumbs up!


Tea leaf prawns. Hmm I wonder why this dish looks so different as compared to the picture on the menu. Anyway it still tastes good. Something unique as the prawns are served in a basket garnished with tea leaves. The prawns are of a good size and well seasoned with some sweet sauce too!


Homemade beancurd. The beancurd is really soft and smooth in the inside. Tastes great!


With my kids


Darian with his beloved Yiyi and korkor



Life is good!



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