My last 20s

***29th November***


Okay I am now 29 years old and that means one more year to the Big Three club! Boohoo… When I was 16, I could not wait to be 21. When I was 25, I hoped that time would slow down. Now that I am 29, I wish I could turn back time. Haha life isn’t it! Seriously oh how age has become a number for me as I grow. Birthdays are like reminding me how old I am rather than just being happy, receiving birthday pressies. Hmm… but I still love having pressies! Haahaa 😉 This year Papa Yap bought me an Iphone 5 and I love it very much. Thank you Papa Yap. ❤


Although this year, Papa Yap is not around on the actual day to celebrate with me, I did have a fabulous weekend with him before he went oversea. My 29 is real beautiful with my two lovely kids and an ever supportive hubby. I am truly happy and contented. I just wish for good health and happiness always for me and my family.

with love. ❤




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