Darian turns three

***26th November***

As Papa Yap would be going oversea the next day and has to do some last-minute errands so we decided to just go to Tampines Mall Swensons for lunch as well as a mini birthday celebration for me and Darian. Papa Yap ordered the Black Angus steak and he mentioned that the steak was good. Not too sure of how good was it as I am not a Steak lover. As for me, I had the Chicken in the basket. This ordinary looking deep-fried chicken is definitely different from the KFC or Popeyes. Love the crispy skin and the tender meat. It’s finger licking good too! Oh enough of cakes. We already had two cakes consecutively and so I ordered the Birthday firehouse Ice-cream instead. It was Darian’s actual birthday as such the ice-cream was complimentary. Great! 😉

Chicken in the basket – Three pieces chicken

Black Angus Steak

Time indeed darts by, Darian is already three years old. Our precious son has really brought us so much happiness and laughter. We are blessed to have him in our life. As his parents, we will provide him the best we can and make sure he is well taken care of for sure. Daddy and mommy wish that you will have good health and be happy always. We love you Darian. ❤❤

Not only red packets from our parents, Darian received many toys from family and friends too. In fact all were his favourites. He was super-duper elated! Thank you all for the presents and making my boy so happy on his 3rd birthday.

Hulk and Spiderman from Yeye and Nainai

Ironman and Spiderman from us

Dinosaur Train from all the Gu pors

Nerf Gun from Uncle Jeff, Auntie Cardine, Uncle Richard and Auntie Yanni


Ben 10 from our neighbour Uncle Jason and Auntie Angie


Power Ranger Samurai Sword from Yiyi and Korkor

So much love!



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