Birthday treat to Universal Studio Singapore

***25th November***

Settled Baby Dyann at my mom’s and off we went to USS. We reached around 11am, got our tickets and began our USS adventure. This is our first time to USS with Darian. He was really delighted to be there, seeing all the costumed Characters. Woots!

He got so excited when he first saw Kung fu Panda walking past him followed by Puss in Boots. We didn’t manage to get a shot with them as they were both heading back for a break.

We started off with the Madagascar boat ride, then to the Shrek 4D, Donkey Show and the Pteranodon ride at Jurassic Park. We missed out the Madagascar Carousel and the Jeep ride at the Ancient Egypt. Anyway we would be bringing Darian back to USS next year again so probably till then! 🙂

 Darian got a little scared when the boat entered into a darker and creepier part. He covered his eyes, saying that he wants to go home. Haha… After the ride, he was beaming with joy saying that he was not scare at all. What a funny boy he is. Ego maybe? 😉

Okay I thought I have seen this Shrek 4D show somewhere when Papa Yap refreshed my memory on our Honeymoon trip at Osaka Universal Studio. Oh and that really triggered so much wonderful and sweet memory. Hmm… I wondered when will our next holiday be. Guess it will be quite difficult unless Papa Yap agrees to bring the kids along. Yes I don’t think I will bear to leave the kids behind.

This Donkey ‘Live’show is indeed interactive. Basically there is this eloquent host and a 2D donkey on the screen interacting with the audiences. Really interesting and amazing! We were wondering how did the Donkey appear so ‘real’ as in able to see the audiences and communicate as well.

 We took a lunch break around 1ish at the Goldilocks before continuing with our excursion. Darian received a toy sword for his kid’s meal and that made him extra happy. 🙂

Over at the Dino-Soaring, Darian and I took the Pteranodon ride. There is a button for us to control the Pteranodon up and down, but Darian disallowed me to press the button. So we ended up flying in circles. Wahaha… 😉

We spent the whole afternoon there watching the street performances, taking pictures with the various characters and shopping in the retail shops. Lucky for us, it did rain for a while during the later afternoon. We were told by our friends that it was raining heavily in Punggol, Tampines and Simei and they were all wondering if we were affected by the rain over in Sentosa.

Papa Yap went for the Transformer ride alone as Darian is not allowed. According to him, the ride was awesome. So I supposed I got to wait till Darian is old enough for that ride. Haha… So while waiting for Papa Yap, I bought a transformer cap and t-shirt for Darian in the retail store. He liked them so much.

Darian encountered ‘snowfall’ on the New York Street. All the children were trying to catch hold of the ‘snow’ yet it seem that Darian didn’t like to be under the ‘snow’ at all. Apparently he stood there for just a short while and ran off.

Darian actually fell asleep almost instantly while Papa Yap carried him to watch a street performance by the Rockafellas. Well I think we should rent the USS stroller the next time when we revisit. He is really too heavy to be carried around. Poor Papa Yap. Heehee 😉

My husband who sees me as the Best mom and Super mom! And in fact he was searching for the Best wife trophy. ❤

Well I suppose there aren’t exactly many suitable rides for a three-year old child. It is purely for exposure and experience. Little Darian did enjoyed the trip very much and he even asked me to do a YouTube search on the USS the next day. He was able to relate his experiences to me too. Good enough! 🙂

Our transformer loots from USS. The next time round we will get sesame street stuff instead. 🙂

To sum up, we did have a ‘funtastic’ and wonderful time at the Univeral Studio. Awesome! 🙂



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