At Uncle Leong’s Restaurant

***25th November***

Right after the USS trip, we fetched Baby Dyann’s from my mom’s place and went to Uncle Leong’s restaurant at Punggol. Jeff had made a dinner reservation for the usual group of us there. So far it was our first time there. I have been hearing from people saying that the food is good and so I suggested to Jeff on the venue. Indeed the food there was quite up to standard. They had ordered a lot of food like the black pepper crabs, chilli crabs, salted egg prawns, coffee spareribs, claypot beancurd, spinach, stir fried Ee mian, spicy horfun. However I did not manage to take any photos of the food. Mainly because they had started eating before we reached. I must say that the signature spicy horfun is really tasty and flavourful. I will order that again for sure. Cardine had bought a Thomas Cake from Polar cake shop for Darian. It was really a sweet surprise and so we ended the dinner with a mini celebration for Darian. A joyful boy he was! Anyway thank you Jeff for that sumptuous dinner treat! 🙂



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