The Mushroom Cafe

***17th November***

Drove down to Sengkang Riverside Park with darling Darian to meet my ex-colleagues for a late lunch, leaving Papa Yap to babysit Baby Dyann. This group of ladies who are like my big sisters and mummies has always remember my birthday and never fail to organise a gathering session around my birthday. Thank you for the vouchers and red packet as well! 🙂 This time round, Auntie Liew suggested to meet up at the Mushroom Cafe. This place is definitely not of any atas cafe. It is just a sheltered outdoor small cafe at the park but quite a nice place to chill out with family. Apparently there are people holding in-line skating classes and flying kites there too. The food there is inexpensive and tastes rather good according to my friends. They had tried the mee rebus, chicken feet noodles and nasi lemak. I wasn’t hungry at all and so I had only ordered some finger foods and waffle with ice cream to share with Darian. Didn’t manage to take any pictures of their food as I was late. Next time then. I think Papa Yap and I will be bringing Darian back there to recce the place and for some outdoor activities soon. 🙂

Mushroom Cafe

Seriously that scoop of ice cream should be bigger! haha

Oops! 😉



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