Rachel’s 21st Nautical Birthday

***17th November***

Getting ready to go 🙂

We were invited to my sister’s good friend(since secondary) Rachel Leong’s 21st birthday bash at the Clubhouse in Seaview Condominium, Amber Road. I have known her as Leong which is exactly how my sis and gang addressed her as. Haha sound a little boyish though. On a side note, the Seaview condominium is totally posh and beautiful! They have really big swimming pools and basement carpark! Awesome. 🙂

Now these days, youngsters just have a lot of ideas and expectations for their party for sure! Leong had wanted her birthday theme to be ‘Nautical’ and so we were expected to be dressed in stripes of blue/red, navy blue, sailor costumes, pirate costumes. This time round our family were all dressed in navy blue and white. My sis and her partner BiJun had done a wonderous job, decorating the clubhouse in Nautical theme. Cool! The entire clubhouse is well decorated with little details here and there. Perfect! The buffet is from Four Seasons catering and the food is quite tasty. I have always ordered from Neogarden as I am entitled to member’s price. Hmm…Perhaps for my next event, I should consider ordering from Four seasons for a change. As usual little Darian was busy running around the place playing with all the Jiejies, Korkors and my sis’s friend’s son. It was such a cute sight to see Darian playing with the one year old boy. He was playing peek-a-boo with him which made him(and apparently all of us too) laughed and got pretty excited. During the cake cutting session, Darian insisted to be in limelight and of course Leong gladly placed him next to her. He was so happy clapping and singing the birthday song and blowing off the candles with her (as if it was his birthday). And that also means having plenty of saliva scattering all over the cake. Haha… 😉 Anyway attending birthday parties like this really makes us feel so young can! Loving it! Hehee 🙂

Happy 21st Birthday Leong! Thanks for the invite too! 😉



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