Sis’s Beautiful 21st Birthday

***10th November***

We are happy family! ❤

Attended my sister’s 21st birthday bash at SAF Treehouse Villas. Her birthday is on the eleven, but it would be surely more ideal to celebrate on a Saturday. My sister had got Papa Yap to book the chalet for her few months before the actual date. All SAF chalets are only open to SAF regulars and are booked through a balloting system hence there is possibility of not getting the chalet. Lucky us. 😉 This newly renovated two storey chalet is indeed very pretty. It is as spacious as the Seaview Chalet. The most outstanding part is that they actually have an outdoor bath in the first bathroom. Nice! The interior and exterior of the chalet was designed and built in the style of a typical Balinese resort. They have beautiful landscape and sculptures all around the place. Really impressed with how gorgeous and tranquil the whole place looked. That was also the reason why my sister chose to book the Treehouse Villas instead of the Seaview Chalet because of her birthday theme – ‘Country/Barnyard’. So wooden furnishing and the greens will blend in better for the theme.

My sister is currently a freelance event planner who does designs and customizations for events. She did many decorations for her friends and Baby Dyann’s baby shower too. Obviously this girl has a head full of creative ideas. She has been super enthusiastic and looking forward to her birthday. Few months back then, she had already started planning for this party, going around sourcing for her party stuff and ‘DIY-ing’ her decos. And I think her efforts did pay off. The ambience and decorations were absolutely stunning! 🙂

Yes we were all in theme! Both Papa Yap and I wore check shirt with denim bottom while our two kiddos was dressed in denim overalls. We definitely look awesome. What a good-looking family! Heehee 😉 Most of the guests were in checks and denim and some in overalls and floral. There were two of her friends who dressed up in cowboy style. Even my xiao gu and cousin came in checks and denim with straw hats too! Sporty can! 🙂

There was surplus food for everyone, buffet from Neogarden, some finger foods and mango pudding prepared by my mother. My sister wanted her birthday cake to be really special, different from the usual cake and so she had got her birthday cake or big fruit tart(I should call it) from fruit paradise and Bijun’s mum to prepare cake in the jar as well! I especially love the mixed fruit with custard tart base! (I am one fruitty cake/tart lover!) It is made of 9 different fresh fruits on custard creamy mousse. Truly delicious. I find the sweetness just right for me. Ooo… my sis has made the right choice to get that as her birthday cake! 🙂

Buffet from Neogarden

Cake in a jar

Big fruit tart cake

I guess everyone had a good deal of fun. Other than the celebration, it was also like another gathering session for our family and relatives. I used to meet up with my aunts and cousins frequently before the birth of Baby Dyann. After that I totally have no time and means to bring the kids out to meet them. We left the place at 10pm. How I wish we could stay longer but with Baby Dyann, it is impossible! Overall, my sister’s beautiful 21st birthday was a success. Perfectly awesome! Happy birthday my dearest sister. We love you so much!

My two lovely loves ❤

The three of us ❤

Er gu with Darian

My parents with Baby Dyann

Da gu with Baby Dyann

Papa Yap and Darian

We and our lil’ sis ❤

Fiona, sis,  Xiao gu

The three ‘gus’ and sis

HaoYe, sis, Colby

Happy 21st! ❤



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