Happy Deepavali

***13th November***

Met up with Mummy Jenny and family at Airport Terminal 3 for lunch. Collected my barangs from them and we proceeded to Dian Xiao Er. Lunch over there was good. The roast duck especially, is tasty. It is tender and juicy. On top of that the savory gravy complements the meat well and made it even yummy. The rest of the dishes standard was appealing too. Yet one thing for sure is that, I will not order the water chestnut drink again. It is a three quartered filled diluted drink and cost slightly more than the can drink. Blah…

Duck roasted with ten wonder herbs

Old-style steamed fish slices

Seafood combo with assorted vegetables

Hotplate beancurd with minced meat and pickled vegetables

Braised mushroom in chinese wine (Gotten this picture from the web, forgotten to snap this dish)

Went down to Basement 2 right after lunch. As it was a public holiday, the place was rather crowded. Papa Yap brought Darian to the Arcade for some ball games. Then he went around the toy shops and playground with his son while I was strolling around with Mummy Jenny and the two kids on prams. Ended our meet up session with them at Yakun Toast and headed to Tampines Mall afterward. Papa Yap had to do some errands while I need to get a pressie for this coming Saturday birthday invite. We were all too tired after a long day out and decided to buy dinner back instead. Fancy bumping into our secondary classmate Jessilin at Tampines Mall after so so long, it is like more than a decade. Gosh this makes us sound so old! Haha 🙂

Anyway Tuesday was really a well spent public hoilday! 🙂

The two boys 😉

And the little princess 🙂



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