Saturday evening at seaview chalet

***3rd November***

Saturday was a rainy day. The kind of weather that makes one feel like snuggling up in bed the whole day, slurping up hot coffee and soup. But we have an invite to the SAF Changi Seaview Chalet in the evening by our good friend, Ang. We will certainly attend despite the wet weather. Furthermore, Darian has been looking forward to the chalet. I know he will be super disappointed and upset if there is a change of plan.

The two storey chalet is considerably new and spacious with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living hall, open concept kitchen and a dining area. The chalets are of different colours scheme. Ang’s chalet was the purple theme which mean parts of the wall and ceiling are painted purple, all the bedsheets and bathroom mats are also purple. The entire furnishing within the chalet is simple yet modern. It was such a waste that I did not manage to take any photo of it. What I like most is that the stretch of chalets are located by the seaside, facing the sea. A totally unblocked and splendid seaview indeed! The only disadvantage of the SAF Changi Chalet is that they do not have parking slots allocated for visitors. It is either parking further down at the Changi Village public carpark or illegal parking by the roadside. So it is rather inconvenient especially in such a weather. I think it will be even better if there are facilities like swimming pool, playroom etc. Hehe 😉

We didn’t know that Ang was celebrating his wifey’s birthday until I saw the cake. Oh dear… and we came empty-handed. Don’t feel quite good about it. Thus Cardine and I decided to get her a pressie the next day. 🙂 Alright talking about the cake… It has made Ang extremely furious and the birthday girl Yanni super disappointed. Let me share with you the reason. The $166 rainbow cake that was baked layer by layer using assorted colours spread with lemon cream was ordered from Delcie Desserts. It is supposed to be organic plus it is diabetic friendly, gluten free and baby friendly so that explained the price. And most probably it is also expensive because of the laborious work. Well if you are going for those healthy lifestyle, it is definitely one healthier choice. But then again looking at the size and outlook, it doesn’t really justify the price tag. Putting that aside, their service is really one big question mark. First they delivered the cake an hour late. Second, the writing on the cake was totally wrong. It was meant for his wife but they wrote “Happy Birthday Daddy” instead! Oh my goodness, this was such a big mistake. The ridiculous part was that the delivery salesgirl actually asked if we could use the candles to cover up the word “Daddy”. Seriously crap! So they send us a replacement cake around 7pm. And that’s the third NONO. The replacement cake was out of shape and dented on one side. According to the delivery salesgirl, it is because the cake was freshly made and so it was rather wobbly that resulted the cake to be slanted… It was already very late hence we have to just accept the cake as it is. Fourth, they gave Ang an expired $5 discount voucher. Haha… He is definitely not hard up for the voucher, but having received such a voucher after seeing the cake simply just add-on to his frustration. One thing for sure, they will not be patronising the shop again after such an awful experience. After sampling the cake, a number of peeps don’t really like the taste of it. The cake is not of those soft sponge cake type but a little chewy instead. It tastes a little like the chinese ‘Huat Kweh’. Anyway guess the taste is really subjective however it is definitely not to my liking.

This is the ‘Huat Kweh’ that I was referring to.

The rainbow cake

What a mistake!

The slanted replacement cake

with a dent by the side…

The expired voucher – dated as 10 June 2012 and is only valid for three months from date of issued…

Other than the cake, the event went on pretty smooth. There was a plenty of food, mini buffet from Neogarden and the BBQ stuff for us. The mini buffet is much convenient for gathering like this. There is no collection required as the food are all packed in boxes and Tupperware. Although it was raining, the barbecue was still successful as there is indoor BBQ equipment provided for rainy days. As usual the adults were all busy chatting and eating while the kids were all playing happily together. Papa Yap was engrossed watching the Spiderman 3 movie and I was occupied with our little princess. Hah I was too busy that I didn’t manage to go around snapping pictures. All the children kept coming close to see Baby Dyann, especially Ang’s youngest nephew who is of the same age as Darian. He is so cute! Same like Darian, he is full of ‘whys’. Haha… The cutest part was when he actually addressed me as ‘JieJie’ (big sister) and asked for my name. It has been real long since I hear people calling me that. So happy can! Oh just let me live in fantasy for once.  Heehee 😉

Ang had bought the Angry Bird fishcake for the kids and they were absolutely thrilled seeing it! Haha 🙂 But after tasting it, I felt as though I was eating rubber. Yucks… Somehow I think it will taste better if it is boiled rather than barbecued. On the other hand, kudos to Uncle Richard and Auntie Yanni who always have something interesting to fascinate the kids! 🙂

Darian with his two BFF on the spiral staircase 🙂

And so we left the chalet with a smiley little boy telling us “So fun mommy. Today so fun!” Not surprising though, he always enjoys himself when we meet up with Ang, Yanni, Jeff and family. 🙂


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