My Hair

***28th October***


Finally got my hair dyed and trimmed after so long at Agnes’s place. Agnes is my usual hairdresser whom I have frequent since I was 20 years old. She does home business and I have to arrange for an appointment with her prior my visit. Okay I was like having bad hair days since the day I gave birth to Baby Dyann. And confinement had made it worse! My hair was super oily after the confinement and my hair has turn all black. Felt so naked with black hair…Well we are not supposed to dye our hair during pregnancy as the chemical is rather harmful for the foetus. And so that explained my black hair. During pregnancy and a day before Baby Dyann’s baby shower, I did go to some random hairdressers to trim my hair length and fringe. But I was never satisfied with the end results and I always think that I looked weird! Settled the kiddos at my mom’s place and Papa Yap sent me to Agnes’s house. This time round, of course I was glad that I had made a trip down to Agnes’s. I looked more refresh with the new hair and in fact my hair is now so much less oily especially after heeding her advice. Really pleased! Hmm…maybe she has some magic fingers! Haha 🙂



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