Body on strike

I have caught the flu virus last Thursday and was terribly sick. It has been real long since I felt so so sick. I was actually looking forward to Thursday as Papa Yap had applied for a day leave to accompany me to my gynaecologist and we had made plans for some family outing thereafter. In the end, we all were home bound. Boohoo… Friday wasn’t any much better and Papa Yap could only reached home at six. I was like fighting a battle, waiting for the husband to be back for reinforcement. At least when Papa Yap is around, he can help me with some chores and so I can get a little more rest. Saturday was much better and we decided to get out of the house for a breather in the later afternoon. I felt quite bad to confine Darian at home too. Just the day before, he was asking me if we were going out and I explained to him that I was too sick to go out. And so when I told him that we would be going to Tampines mall for dinner and to get some grocery as well, he gave me a surprised look and said “mummy not sick anymore?” Haha… 🙂

Papa Yap and Darian went for their haircut at the express cut hair salon. We were glad that Darian is willing to have his hair cut done there. This means that we do not have to travel all the way to Vivocity Kids Junior League for his haircut. At the same time, we save at least 12 bucks for his hair cut. Great! At EC house, kids have a choice to be seated in those kiddy ride for hair cut. Of course Darian wanted to have his hair snipped in it too! After the haircut, the hairdresser was so nice to offer him a ride in it and he enjoyed himself. 🙂 As usual he got a little reward after his haircut. How not to get him anything when Toy R Us is just right across the salon. Anyway Toy R Us is a must-go place for Darian once he steps into Tampines Mall. Haha…

For dinner, we walked over to Century Square EAT. It is like a mini caferia that sells fishball noodles, laksa, satay beehoon, ,minced pork noodles, handmade fish dumpling soup and other assorted fish-made products. We just love the food there. The fishball is really tasty and springy. Darian loves it too! Well in less than 2 hours outside, I was already pestering Papa Yap to go home. Seriously, it is just too tiring with the kiddos and bodyaches. While Papa Yap was checking out on the fiber optic plan at Starhub, Darian was playing around with this little boy. The little boy was attracted to Darian’s new Ben 10 watch and they started playing together.  Upon leaving the shop, the parent actually asked me where did we buy the watch. Oh this is exactly how lucky kids are these days! 🙂  Finally got our grocery shopping done and went back home with Lao ban Soya beancurd for supper. This is why we love Tampines! Though it is always super crowded, they seem to have almost everything there! 🙂

My handsome son waiting for his haircut 🙂

Snipping in process!

My dashing boy with his latest love – Ben 10 watch! 🙂 Alright seriously, he has been wearing the watch since Saturday night! He will not remove it unless he needs to bath. Wahaha… 😉



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