Thomas and the hidden treasure

***7th October***

Darian’s “long-awaited” show is finally here! I have made the biggest mistake by telling him that we had purchased the tickets and would be bringing him on the 7th October. He was on a repeat mode for three weeks after telling him so. He was constantly asking about the show almost everyday. Haha… The sweetest part was when I told him that we would not be bringing along his baby sister to the show and he actually got upset. He had only accepted it reluctantly after explaining to him. Two days before the show, he asked about it again. And so we reminded him that baby Dyann would be staying at my mom’s place and he actually got a little worked up and said that he doesn’t want to go for the show anymore! Aww… sweet right? 🙂

On the actual day, we had a superb lunch at my mom’s place before heading to the Singapore Expo. It really didn’t help when I am on diet! Wahaha… It was very delicious! 🙂

Wrapped steamed herbal Chicken (Papa Yap’s favourite), Fried fish fillet, Chilli sambal prawns and my all time favourite mixed vegetable 🙂 Alright I am starting to salivate while typing! Hehe…

We reached there at 1.45pm and collected our tickets. While waiting for the ushers to open the gate, we hang around and bought some food and drinks. Hmm… I seriously shouldn’t be eating after the sumptuous lunch! Hehe 😉 As usual, Darian kept asking for Thomas. Finally the show started! I personally think that this Thomas and friend musical show is quite entertaining and the story line is easy to comprehend. But it is more appropriate for the older kids as they will be able to understand much better. For the younger toddlers, it would be kind of boring until the trains appear on the stage. And they were like screaming when Thomas first made his appearance on stage. Wahaha… Yes, of course Darian was super excited to see the trains on the stage too and I did explain to him on the different scenes, in order for him to know what’s going on and he seems to understand. The performers did engage the kids or rather the audience in various part of the show like, clapping, waving, singing and shouting. If not for these interactive part, it would be boring for the kids and the adults would just doze off. Haha… I feel the show will be better if they could hang Harold the helicopter down instead of just talking about it, looking and pointing up in the sky and hearing the engines of the helicopter, without seeing the actual thing.

Well I suppose Darian did enjoy the show after all as he is still asking for more!  Next time perhaps? 🙂



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