Happy Children’s Day

***5th October***

One of a rare weekday that Papa Yap is only working half a day and so we had made plans to bring Darian out to the Polliwogs at Robertson Walk. We kept him in suspense and he was totally clueless of where we were heading to until we reached there. He was super duper surprised and excited. The smile on his face is priceless! One happy boy he is! 🙂 It is our very first time to Polliwogs and we were both certain that the entrance fee is pretty much worth it. It is inclusive of two adults and two free coffee or tea.  As the day coincides with Children’s Day, Darian received a goodies bag as well! This little gift actually does make the kids even happier.

At Polliwogs Robertson Walk, there are mainly two play arena; The smaller play arena is suitable for younger toddlers. They have ball pool, slides and carousel of mirrors.  As for the older kids they have a much bigger area to play in. It is equipped with ball pool with giant slides, mazes, obstacle courses, climbing structures, cannon ball. There are activity panels mounted on low wall to keep children occupied even they are not in the play area too.  Our boy had a great time playing there! Most of the time, Papa Yap was following him. I wonder where do the kids get their energy for climbing, running and sliding around! I gave up after accompanying Darian for like 20min. He was so fast and I was trying hard to catch up with him! Trust me, it is not that easy when you have to bend your body or lowering your head moving around. Haha… Exhausted! Overall, thumbs up for Polliwogs and we will be back for sure! 🙂

Tea break at Polliwogs

Slide at the smaller play arena

Ball pool at the smaller play arena

Cannon ball

Taking a break!


At the giant slide ball pool

My cheeky boy at the climbing wall 😉

Walking through the balancing beam

Going through the netted tunnel

Carousel of mirror


Playing the interactive activity panel

Just us!

While Darian is playing… 🙂

And so we ended the day with dinner at Sakae Sushi Changi Airport Terminal 2. Oh yes, I love to bring the kids to the airport because it is cooling, clean, less crowded, spacious (plenty of space for the kids to run around), and most importantly Darian loves to see the airplanes and take the skytrain! 🙂

My two boys ❤

The only food in the restaurant that he eats – Chawamushi

My two lovely children ❤

What a lovely Friday! Life should be like this everyday. However it is not very possible. So we ought to treasure what we have and live life to its fullest!  Love love ❤❤



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