Home Bound Weekend

 ***Just the three of us Weekend***


The kids and I are stuck at home this weekend. Papa Yap is away for work for three days. He has some training exercises to conduct. Boohoo… Well this is part of his work scope. There’s nothing I can do but to only whine and grumble about it. This is the life and woes of an army officer’s wife… And this sucks…  Haha… He has been real busy after he took over a new post in the camp. Even during the weekdays, he is hardly back early. Hiaz… Seriously thank god that I am independent enough. Imagine those ladies who very much rely on their spouse. I think it would be hard for them to endure through… Usually for the weekends, we will be out spending family time together and doing our weekly grocery shopping. Now after giving birth to Baby Dyann, I would prefer to stay home though. It can be really tiring and quite a chore bringing the two kids out. Going out means, waking up much earlier to prepare the baby bag, Baby Dyann, Darian and myself. Most of the time I don’t rope Papa Yap in to help as I would rather him to have more sleep so that he has more energy for the day to drive us around and do some errands. But then again I suppose I still need a breather and it will be good to bring Darian for a short trip too. Papa Yap has already told me that he would be extremely busy until next year. I just hope that he will be less stress and has lesser work commitment for his next posting. Yeah just pray hard.

For now, I very much would like to have a fast forward button so that it can bring us to the next weekend! Can’t wait… Haha… 😉



2 thoughts on “Home Bound Weekend

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