Love you Meimei

***Brother’s Love Part Two***

Until now little Darian is still going googoogaga over baby Dyann. Haha… Adding on to all the hugs, loves, kisses, helps, Darian has been saying things like:

1) “I’m coming Meimei…” when he hears her crying.

2) “Meimei so cute!” when I’m carrying or playing with her.

3) “Mama cannot scold/beat Meimei” when I pretend to beat her or use a stern tone at her.

Oh and whenever we are going out, he would ask if Meimei is going along. If we were to say “No”, he would be really upset and want us to bring her too. Haha too cute! 🙂



See Darian is indeed a loving and protective brother. His future girlfriend or wife is going to be so fortunate! Wahaha 🙂 In fact I feel real lucky and blessed that Darian dotes on his baby sister. I have friend whose kid is around Darian’s age and he is still adapting to the addition member in the family. Love you Darian Yap! ❤



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