ByeBye Diaper

***3rd September***

Today marks the first day of Darian’s toilet training. Since Papa Yap is around for a week to help out, we decided to start training him so that subsequently would be much easier for me to handle. Actually few months back, I attempted to train him but it was unsuccessful. He was not ready at that point of time. He didn’t even want to sit on the potty and thus I thought to give him more time then… Hah so it took me quite a while to persuade him to remove his diaper in the morning. Initially he cried and refused to remove his diaper. I explained to him that he is now a big boy and so he needs to learn to use the toilet bowl instead. Yet he cried and said that he doesn’t want to be a big boy! Wahaha… I can’t help it but to laugh at him. Finally with much encouragement, he reluctantly allowed me to remove his diaper. We told him that whenever he feels like urinating, he has to alert us and go to the bathroom immediately. At the same time, we were consistently asking  if he needs to urinate. Well for the first day, he wet seven to eight pair of shorts. Haha… Anyway it was still a good start. We did see much improvement over the time. On Tuesday, he had only wet three shorts and on Wednesday morning he removed his diaper himself after he woke up. It takes time for him to get used to it. Till now, he is able to tell us he needs to pass urine and clear his bowel. He will only put on his diaper during bedtime. And when we are out, he will be wearing the pull-up diaper pants. He would tell us as and when he has the urges and of course we still continually prompting him too. We are glad that he adjusted pretty fast. Good job, son! 🙂 I’ve bought him two boxes of  dinosaur and Thomas brief from Kiddy Palace and he was so excited about it. Apparently he was just happy seeing the prints but not wearing them. Wahaha… Funny sonny! It took us a while to convince him to wear it! 🙂

So toilet training isn’t that scary afterall! 🙂



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