Super mommy and two kiddos

***1st-9th September***

Our first night with the two kiddos was super shag! Right after Dyann’s Baby Shower, I tucked Darian in bed and Papa Yap started cleaning up the house. After which I helped him out with the cleaning. Can you just imagine how busy we were when we only had our meal of the day at 10pm. By then we were way too hungry and Papa Yap drove down to Macdonald drive through to get our food as we couldn’t order via phone booking due to overwhelming orders. Okie, this was just the first half. The second half was waking up throughout the night to feed, change or pacify Dyann.  That’s was when I miss my confinement lady so much. If only she is still around! haha…  Well Papa Yap had taken a week leave to assist me around the house. (He did went back to office to settle some work though. Workaholic!)  I did most of the job as I need to adapt to handling the kids by myself when Papa Yap is not around. It is definitely tiring. Then again, Papa Yap has been of a great help too! 🙂

***10th September***

My first official day with the two kiddos while Papa Yap is back to work. Just one word to describe it – BUSY. Yes, morning is always busy. Preparing milk for both, feeding, bathing, doing the housechores, preparing for lunch. Afternoon is usually the free period. While the two kids are napping, I would have either doze off with Darian or be doing some housechores.  Oh yes, the short nap is definitely helpful! I am seriously in need of sleep! 😉 After which the day gets busy again until both of them sleep which most probably I would still be doing some chores. Apparently, there is endless housechores to do!! I simply couldn’t leave things undone in the house without resting for the day. Papa Yap has to always remind me to take a nap as and when I can but it is just tough to. Haha. This is just me! Mad girl. 🙂

We used to say that we would like to have three kids, one boy and two girls. Four, two girls and two boys, would be a perfect picture but it is definitely not what we can afford to. But for now both of us agreed that two will do and if three comes along then it is time to get a helper for sure! Haha.. I totally salute those mommies out there with more than two kids. Not easy eh!

Anyway things are getting better. Although I looked more like a panda now! Even my sis commented on my dark rings! Boo! haha… I am adapting well. I am glad that even with another member in the house, I still manage to keep the house clean and tidy! I am very sure that Papa Yap appreciates me even more. At least he doesn’t have to worry about the kids and house. Coming back home seeing us after a hectic day at work is such a bliss for him. 🙂 But one thing for sure which he often says is that he worries for me being overly tired. Come’on I am super Panda mommy! Hehe… Guess I definitely deserve a BIG pressie from Papa Yap for all these hard works! Right? 😉  



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