Last 3 days of confinement

Hey I am seriously enjoying this confinement and it is ending real soon! Someone to care for baby, cook for us, clean up the house, wash and fold the clothes. What more can I asked for right? So relax. Can’t imagine juggling with the two kids and all the house chores at the same time. It’s surely not easy or rather tough! Hah! Guess I shouldn’t get too stressed up over it. Just let nature takes it course. I will be able to overcome it! Simply got to have a positive mindset! Isn’t it? 🙂 Anyway, Papa Yap will be taking a week of leave after Zhen Jie leaves to help out around the house. I need some time to adjust and adapt to all the changes. 🙂

Zhen Jie has been so far so good. Well, it is difficult to determine how good she is and rate her. What I deem as good may not be what others think so. All I can say is that she does her job pretty well and is able to follow most of my instructions too. No one is perfect, of course there are times when I do not like her certain doings. I just got to tell myself that if it is not much of an issue or concern, I should learn to close one eye. Thank goodness, her cooking really suits our taste buds. Before that, we were still worried that we might not like her cooking. 😉 Usually in the morning, I would have a bowl of oats and milo. In the afternoon, Zhen Jie would cook (as requested by me) fried beehoon, beehoon, mee sua, macaroni or rice noodle soup with meat or fish toppings for me. I love to eat all these noodle soups. I don’t mind having it everyday. And her soup is really good. Thumbs up! 🙂 As for dinner, it is always rice with dishes and soup. And not forgetting tea breaks and light supper, which I would have bread, biscuits or cakes with milk. Healthy isn’t it? Hehe… She told me that I actually eat very little as compared to some others doing their confinement. Haha… In the past especially, noodles are mainly for breakfast and for lunch should be plenty of rice with big portion of meat dishes, same goes for dinner. Which is exactly what my first confinement lady prepared for me during my first confinement. No wonder I was fatter during my first confinement time! Eh I am still fat now… Haha… 🙂

Anyway after Zhen Jie leaves, I will do a thorough spring cleaning in my kitchen. The first thing I would do is cleaning the fridge, followed by wiping all the kitchen cabinet and kitchen top and replacing some kitchen accessories. Actually I don’t like others using my kitchen and that includes Papa Yap. Hah yes, Papa Yap has never touch my stoves before. I will cook instant noodles, make tea or sandwiches for Papa Yap even if he comes back late at night. Lucky him right? hehe 😉 I am just fussy, worrying that things would not be kept properly or people might use the wrong set of knife or chopping board… blah blah… and the list goes on. For this confinement, I have no choice but to just let Zhen Jie be in control of the kitchen. Hah! Oh really I cannot wait to reorganise the kitchen.




11 thoughts on “Last 3 days of confinement

  1. Hi, I was browsing the web looking for confinement nanny as I am due next Jan.

    It’s great knowing you have had a wonderful confinement experience with Zhen Jie, will you kindly share her contact please?

    Thank you.

  2. Hihi..

    Love reading your stories. Makes me look forward to motherhood seeing how blissful your family life is 🙂 haha I guess couplehood and family life is v different 🙂

    I came across your blog while looking for a confinement nanny for next year March. Just wondering if you can share Zhen Jie’s contacts? If possible, can you send it to

    Thanks! so much!

    • Hi Cheryl!

      It’s really nice to hear that! 🙂 I am sure you will enjoy motherhood as much as I do. And congrats to you too!

      Have already emailed you.
      Best wishes! 🙂

  3. Hi, i was recommended a CL by my friend by the lady name Zhenjie too. Can i have her contact please? If they are the same person i would be glad that i found a good CL by reading your past experience with her. If possible, able to email me at Thank you so much! (:

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