Their first time

***14th August***

It’s the father and son maiden shopping trip out to the Vivo City together. Initially, he thought that I would be going as well. After explaining to him that it would be just him and Papa Yap, he agreed to go. Usually, he would not follow anyone out, even Papa Yap… This time round, I’m so glad that he agreed with it. According to Papa Yap, little Darian was well behaved throughout the entire shopping trip. He held Papa Yap’s hand tight and walked around the mall without having to remind him to. As usual, Papa Yap had brought him to Vivo Toy R Us for his haircut. So little Darian has an objective in mind. He wants to get his hair done so that he can buy his hot wheels toy set. Haha… Right after clearing his mission, he told his father that he wants to go home, back to Mama’s house. Haha… See it’s difficult for him to be separated from me even for 2 hours. Just can’t imagine when he starts schooling next year. Anyway, house was really peaceful when the two boys were out. I managed to catch an hour of uninterupted sleep which I seriously in need of! Later, I told Papa Yap that he seriously should do this often! Hehe 🙂

with his loot after his haircut. 🙂



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