***6th August***

On Baby Dyann’s fifth day, we brought her to Dr Ho at Baby and Child Clinic Tampines for review. Sadly, she was diagnosed with high Jaundice and had to be admitted to the hospital for the phototheraphy. It was rather heartbreaking to hear that Baby Dyann had to be separated from us for a few days. The other time, when Baby Darian was admitted to Mount Alvernia for the high Jaundice as well and I was extremely sad. I was seriously crying a bucket. This time round, I am equally upset but was able to handle the news pretty calmer with much lesser tears. She stayed in the Parkway East Medical Centre for two nights and was discharged on the third day.

On the second day, I made my way down to the hospital with bottles of expressed milk and at the same time to breastfeed her, however to leave with much disappointment due to the miscommunications of the nurses. Baby Dyann was fed with formula 15 minutes prior to my arrival. I was mad! The nurse did apologise for that and I tried to breastfeed Baby Dyann but she was too full for anymore milk. So I left the hospital with heavy breasts! Haha… Though I didn’t manage to breastfeed her, I’ve got her many bottles of express milk which could last her till the next day. So it wasn’t a wasted trip afterall. I was way elated to receive the call from Dr Ho about her discharge the very next day. We rushed down to the hospital to fetch our sweetheart back home. Anyway we got to bring her back to Dr Ho again for review the following week.




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