Our sweetheart

***1st August***

Yes, Baby Dyann arrived to the world much earlier just as we expected. Her due date was supposed to be on 19th August yet she simply can’t wait to see the world and of course us! 🙂 Her birth process was so much different as compared to Little Darian. The only similarity is that for both cases, I was directed to the hospital on the day of my checkup at Dr Ang’s during their 37 weeks. I had spent a good total of 20 hours in labour before Darian popped. For Darian, I was only 2cm to 3cm dilated and having contraction since 4pm to 7am. Had the epidural done at 8am and managed to give birth to Little Darian only at 1.30pm.

As for Baby Dyann, in Dr Ang’s clinic, I was already 3cm dilated and started feeling the contraction at 4ish while doing the CTG scan. Dr Ang instructed us to admit to the hospital right away. The worst thing is that Darian was with us, so we got to send him to my mum’s place at Tampines and then head toward Thomson. Oh seriously, the journey was a killer! The contraction came like every one to one and a half minute. I was in tears and kept urging Papa Yap to drive faster. Haha. By the time, we reached Thomson Medical centre, I was like half dead. Wahaha… By then it was almost 6pm. I was send to the observation room while waiting to dilate further. Later, Dr Ang came and burst my waterbag after which I dilated even faster. As pain became more intensive, I was given the laughing gas while waiting for the anaesthetist to come for the epidural. Oh gosh I really needed the epidural badly! Total madness… At 8pm, I was already 6cm to 7cm dilated; the epidural effect kicks in much slower as compared to Darian’s time. I didn’t feel anything after my epidural shot for the first time, yet this time round, I could still experience pain. On top of that, I am still reliant on the laughing gas! Shag… I was like a mad, fury woman in labour. I kept asking and saying… Why isn’t the epidural taking effect? Why am I still in pain? I can feel the baby coming out. What should I do? Haha… Luckily Papa Yap was the calm type if not guess I would have freaked him out! Wahaha…

And finally at 9.03pm, I managed to give birth to our sweetheart, Dyann Yap! ❤

Mission accomplished! 🙂



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