Big Brother Darian’s Drama

Though Darian has been very positive since I was pregnant, his behaviour changed quite drastically after the day when I gave birth to his baby sister. Not that he dislikes the baby but we think that somehow or rather he felt betrayed and hurt as we left him at my mum’s place for a night. Yes, that was his very first time staying over at someone’s place. Maybe we didn’t prepare him enough. Our bad… Worst of all, he was having fever since Sunday night. Luckily his high fever managed to subside on Wednesday morning and for the whole day he was only having a very low grade fever and my sister was helping us to monitor him. He was crying damn badly seeing us leaving in the car and refused to go up to mum’s place. He rejected dinner, milk and even refused to change into his pyjamas, pinning on hope that we would fetch him home. My sister was telling me how he tried to climb out of the window, cried to sleep, stood at the door waiting for us, and asked for me and Papa Yap. I could really feel him. We wanted to fetch him to hospital to stay with us, however it is impossible as we didn’t manage to get a single bedded room for the first night. I was thinking of him and couldn’t sleep that night.

Fortunately, we managed to secure and transfer to a one bedded room the very next afternoon. So Papa Yap went to fetch him over. I can still remember his first look at me. He looks like he was very glad to see me yet with a pinch of bitterness. He seems like he is thinking of a million of… Why did you leave me at Ah ma’s place? Why didn’t you fetch me from Ah ma’s house? Do you still love me? Do you still want me? Can you even imagine that, he was having rashes all over his body after reaching the hospital. Papa Yap immediately brought him to the clinic at Thomson Medical. Oh seriously why at this time, but there again there is never a right time. Anyway, to play safe, we minimized Darian’s contact with his baby sister. That Thursday night, though I was sleeping with him, he was having nightmares and showing frustrations in his sleep.

Guess it really affected him quite badly. He thought I didn’t love him that much anymore and perhaps he was seeking attention from me as well. For a week, he was always in a foul mood, screaming as and when he felt irritated and not eating well too. He was super-duper difficult to handle. I was very lost with him despite a lot of talking and assurance. It was like a hell week! Now it is nearly two weeks after that night. He is much much better and happier. He has been showing much affection toward his baby sister. He is definitely still our darling son! We love you darling Darian. ❤❤❤



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