Baby’s Name

Name choosing is such a headache. Every name is special and has its special meaning. It is really not an easy task for the parents and the toughest part is to decide on the child’s Chinese Name. Chinese name is much more complicated as we have to consider the meaning of each character, the number of strokes of all characters and the articulation of the name. Oooh… Choosing the right name is very important as our child will be going to go through life with it. Therefore Papa Yap and I spent quite some time doing our research and homework before we finalised with the name for our Baby Girl.

We agreed that: First, both of us must like the name and be comfortable with it. Of course what we feel about the name is important too. I suppose… Second, the meaning of the name should not be bad as it might have an impact in their life. Third, we must think about what the name can mean to the world. For that matter, innocent children and tactless adults could make fun of certain names and as parents we would definitely want to prevent such things from happening. Thus, we got to consider the possible ways that people could mispronounce or misuse our child’s name. Fourth (for the Chinese Name), we got to calculate the strokes of each Chinese characters and add up all the strokes then look up the Chinese name manual(from Papa Yap’s parents) to determine a good name. Seriously it is not easy!

After much homework and discussion, we finally decided on our baby girl’s name: Dyann Yap Zi Ying 叶子莹. For the English name, the meaning of Dyann is as: Heavenly, Divine. And the pronunciation of the name is as: dye ANN. As for the chinese name, 子 means: offspring, child, son, daughter, being, fruit, seed of. And 莹 means: lustre of gems; bright, lustrous.

Love ya, Dyann Yap! ❤




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