Sunday with the guys

***29th July***

Ang treated us to a dim sum ala-carte buffet lunch at TungLok Seafood Arena opposite Safti MI. Just the usual group, Ang and Yanni, Jeff and family together with us. The food is relatively good. Not fantastic but not that bad either. However we felt their service is not exactly up to our expectation. Either the waitress got some of our orders miss out or we would have to wait quite a while for the food to be served. Overall, for the price of $21.80 per pax, it is still considered reasonably alright. 😉

Happy kids! 🙂

After lunch was a 3 hours KTV session at the Temasek Club. We reached there an hour earlier and so we brought the kids to the indoor playground. The kids were having much fun while the adults were couching on the sofa. We agreed that the three hour singing session was way too long. We didn’t sing that much and I was really too tired to be singing throughout. For the kids, they spent most their time out in the indoor and outdoor playground under the supervision of the guys in rotation shift. Haha… How do you expect the kids to be seated in the KTV room for hours. It’s tough or rather impossible! Haha… Guess that is also the cause that triggered Darian’s fever… Nonetheless, Sunday with the guys was great! I am pretty sure Darian enjoyed himself very much too! 🙂



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