Love is in the air

***28th July***

Patrick and Regina’s big day at Swissotel Stamford! 🙂

We have known Regina since Secondary and I am truly happy to see her tie the knot! Wishing both of them lifelong marital bliss. 🙂

Together with the groom and bride

Ben, Regina and me

JingWei and us

It’s another wedding in the month of July. This time Papa yap was unable to attend due to work commitment. So he sent us to Raffles City before heading to the floating platform. Great to see some of our secondary schoolmates at the banquet. Was quite a catching up session. Hmmm… Alright, Darian was not easy to handle that day. He kept crying to get out of the ballroom after hearing the poppers during the marching in. I was trying hard to console him throughout the banquet. Oh seriously, this is his very first time being difficult at a wedding banquet. Felt rather frustrated in my condition and especially when Papa Yap is not around. Boo! Anyway I did survive through though. Hah, and we managed to get a cab upon reaching the taxi stand. Lucky us! 🙂



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