The waiting game

Into my last lap of pregnancy. As for now, I am 36 weeks pregnant. Just had my check-up done on Monday and was delighted to hear from Dr Ang that our baby girl has turned her head down, my placenta moved up and I would be able to deliver the baby through natural birth. 🙂 Hooray! It’s such a relieved to know that. Dr Ang added that I am already 2cm dilated which means that I would be giving birth anytime from now. Wooo… It makes me nervous hearing that! Alright sweetheart baby, it’s a little too soon. Please stay in mummy for at least another one or two week. Anyway Dr Ang has given me some medicine to delay birth till at least next week. Anytime next week would be much better. Though this is my second pregnancy, it somehow seems like my first. Wahaha… In fact, I feel more nervous than the first. Perhaps it is because I already knew the expected process. It’s kind of scary. haha…  Anyway I pray for a smooth delivery. We are so so excited to seeing our little sweetheart! ❤



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