Dinner at Himawari

***13th July***

Thursday dinner was buffet at Himawari Japanese restaurant at 1 Changi Biz Park Crescent together with my sister and John. As it is located at Changi Business Park, there isn’t any crowd at all. There is currently a 4 for the price of 3 promotion going on at the restaurant. Quite a good deal! Well I don’t really fancy Japanese food and I don’t eat raw stuff but the three of them love it so much. I had only agreed to go so that Papa Yap gets a chance to satisfy his sashimi’s craving. Haha. 😉 The food was fairly good. Papa Yap finds it better than Hanabi and Shin Minori. And the buffet is inclusive of a shabu shabu hotpot as well. They gave us a pot of vegetable soup with two plates of beef shabu shabu (there is chicken and pork to choose as well). We ate so much and were really too full to finish up the shabu shabu hotpot. Hah…

After dinner, we went to Ikea to get some stuff. Darian wanted to eat fries so we went to the Ikea restaurant before shopping around. Can you imagine after such a hearty meal, me and my sis ate a chicken wing each. Haha glutton us! We just love Ikea chicken wings! Yummy 🙂



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