Sunday at Kids Kampong

***15th July***

We had lunch at my mum’s place. She had cooked curry vegetables (requested by me), fried fish with Thai sauce toppings and fried chicken chop for lunch. It was simply delicious! Even Papa Yap ate quite a lot. Hehe 😉 After the yummylicious lunch at my mum’s place followed by Darian’s afternoon nap, we made our trip to Pasir Ris Kids Kampong at Pasir Ris Farmway 1 later that day. For admission, we just have to purchase a packet of feeding food ($1) for each person. Alternatively, we can pay $10 (per pax) for an hour of LongKang(drain) Fishing which includes two packets of animal feeding food, one bottle of mineral water and one ice-cream. In addition, we have to purchase the net and bucket at $4 for the catch which can be used for subsequent visits.

We felt that Lil’ Darian is not ready for the fishing activity so Papa Yap proceeded with the purchase of three different feeding packets. Inside, we stopped to watch a number of parents with their kids catching the little fishes in the LongKang area. Awhile later, we went to the feeding station as it seems that Darian was getting real excited to feed the fishes instead. 😉 Darian had a little issue walking around the Kids Kampong that was paved with sand and little stones. At some point of time, he would be walking on his tippy toes and complaining about sand getting in his Crocs shoes. I guess too much of city form which resulted in this. Haha… Anyway I thought this serves as a good exposure though. 🙂 Other than that, I can see Darian enjoying himself so much feeding the koi, rabbits, ducks and chickens together with Papa Yap. We saw tortoises, terrapins and birds too. We spent most of the time feeding the koi and Papa Yap even went back to the counter to buy another two packets of fish food. Hey, those Koi never seem to be full! Haha… These smart fishes will swim right up to the edge of the pond for food and more food. They would swim toward the position where the feeders were standing. At the same time, these koi will be splashing water while wriggling to fight for the feeds. So Darian did got a little wet on his clothes and face. Overall, it was indeed a great outdoor learning session for Darian. We had some ice-cream and cake (that I’d prepared for Darian) before heading back. On our way home, Darian was telling us that he wants to go to Kids Kampong again. Yes definitely. Why not? 🙂

“Hey Papa can we feed the fishes now?”

“Papa, there is sand in my shoes!”


“Wow so many fishes!”

“Papa can I have the fish food now?”

“So many hungry fishes!”

“Come here fishes!”

“Mummy do you want to feed the fishes?”

Father and son alike 😉

My Cheeky boy! 🙂

“Eeee… the fishes splashed water at my face!”

“I want to feed the rabbits.”

“Darian, just drop the feeds into the pail of water.”

“Papa, I can see birds.”


“Love you Papa.”


“Mummy, I share my favourite Milo ice-cream with Papa.”




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