Grocery Shopping

***16th July***

For this July, our weekly grocery shopping has changed to Monday morning instead of the weekend. Since Papa Yap has to work on Saturday and so Sunday has become our only family day, we decided to get the grocery done on Monday morning instead. Apparently he is able to report to work in the afternoon on Mondays. Anyway I think it is better to do the marketing on a Monday morning with much lesser crowds comparing to the weekend. For this Monday, Papa Yap suggested to go to the newly opened Fairprice Xtra located at Changi Business Park. It is a two level big Fairprice Supermarket. Over there, they have this car ride attached to the trolley. I was praying hard that we would be able to get one for Darian because he enjoys moving around in it. Just the other Monday at Nex Fairprice Xtra, Darian was already super disappointed for not getting to sit in it. And so I really do not wish to see his utterly disappointed face. Hah this time round, we were lucky enough to catch hold of one at the exit. I’d spotted it with a family done with their payment and about to leave the supermarket. So I immediately got Papa Yap to ask for the trolley. Haha… kiasu mummy! 🙂 It seems like there are only a few or maybe only one of such trolley in the supermarket. Throughout our marketing, I don’t see any other around the supermarket. If there is only one, then I would think it is way too little for such a big place. I suppose minimally there should be at least four. At the end of our grocery trip, Darian reluctantly got out of the car ride… erm… crying. Hah! That’s the cons of having such ride in the supermarket! 😉



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