My little Michelin

I was browsing through Darian’s baby photographs from birth till now. Gosh! It’s amazing to see how fast he has grown! Somehow it seems like he is only still a baby but in reality he is turning three this year. I am so glad that I have taken quite a number of his photos since birth. Seriously, these are all precious moments. To be fair, I must make sure that I will be doing the same thing for our baby girl. And I know I will! 🙂 Looking at all Darian’s baby photos, he looks super adorable! I can still recall people calling him a Michelin baby, little Sumo, Japanese baby or having lotus root hands. He is way too chubby. Hehe… 😉 Since baby, he gets attention everywhere he goes, like a mini head turner. hehe… Papa Yap will often joke of how proud I am as his mummy. In a way or so, perhaps I am (and I bet Papa Yap feels the same way as well) but I think I feel more elated to have a baby who is likeable by people around. He is like a bubbly and smiley baby who does not cry even in the arms of strangers. That is why everyone loves him. 🙂 Then of course, the older he is, the more challenging his behaviour becomes. But it is still manageable. Both Papa Yap and I love him so much as he definitely brings us lots of happiness. We are both thankful and blessed to have him in our life. Loves Loves ❤

1 month

2 month

3 month

5 month

6 month

 7 month

8 month

 10 month

12 month

15 month

16 month

18 month old

20 month


22 month

25 month

Ooooh baby… how not to love you ❤



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