@34 Weeks ~ Coming soon

Yay! Coming soon 🙂

My oh my… I’m already at my 34 weeks pregnancy. My girl has been real active. Her kicks, punches and wriggles are getting so much stronger. There are times when she can really twist and squeeze that I felt awfully uncomfortable and painful too! Amazing though! 🙂 Right now, fatigue kicks in. I get tired so easily that I can’t wait to lie on my comfy bed in the afternoon. Before, I seldom catch a nap together with Darian as I always think that it is a waste of time napping and I wasn’t tired at all. I ought to be spending such quiet moment relaxing, surfing the net, watching TV, playing games and even finishing up some chores. Till now! haha… Oh seriously, can you even imagine my size right now given that even my maternity clothes are all getting tighter. Not that I’m being sensitive, my sister, her friends and my friends thought so too. Only Papa Yap would think that I still look good! Wahaha… His favourite phrase “You are not fat. You are pregnant.” 🙂 Anyway I’m not bothered by it as well. I’m enjoying this period! 🙂 I have been eating durians lately. People say during pregnancy your taste buds change and at times you would eat the most unexpected food! It’s true somehow.

Last Sunday, we met up with the confinement lady, Zhen Jie, at Woodlands Point. Well I had actually seen her twice at my friend’s place so was quite easy to spot her. And I guess she could easily spot me with my big bump as well! Hehe… First impression and conversation as her employer was pretty fine. Hopefully she would be as good as we expect her to be. If not a month of confinement can really kill! Anyway, she was recommended by our friend. Knowing my friend’s character, Zhen Jie should not be that bad too. 🙂

Okay we are in the last stage of preparation. Just last week, I’d set up and tested the steriliser. Luckily it is still working after a year. If not we would have to spend another hundred over bucks to get a replacement. I have already finished washing the last batch of baby’s new pretty clothing. And so we are left with setting up the baby cot, getting a mattress for the cot, preparing the breast pump, buying and borrowing some pots for confinement use, getting the kitchen stock up with the basic ingredients for confinement food and that’s about all… I guess for now. 😉

Seeing Dr Ang and baby in two weeks time! 🙂



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