Playdate with Trinity

***2nd July***

Lovely Kiddos! 🙂

 Mummy Peixia and I had arranged a playdate for Darian and Trinity. They came over to my place around 12.30pm along with some Trinity’s clothing for my girl. Thank you Mummy Peixia! 🙂 Awww… Trinity is so lovely looking! Such a sweetie! 🙂 My dear son was elated to have them in our house. I reminded Darian to give the toy (that we had bought) to Trinity and he immediately passed it to her. When Trinity was walking around the living room, he kept asking her to go to his playroom. Haha. And of course we did. While the kids were playing, the two mummies were chit chatting. hehe… At this age, children are usually engaged in solitary play (engrossed playing alone, not noticing others). Hah and so most of the time, Trinity was busy playing with the cooking set and some random toys while Darian was occupied with his Thomas train set. Anyway it was considered good enough as there were still interaction between the two of them. Was really an adorable sight! 🙂 Then we had teabreak together before Trinity headed back for her nap at 3pm. Oh ya my son was such a poser! He was very cooperative in front of Mumy Peixia’s camera and he actually posed around! My oh my… Haha… Mummy Peixia and I are already thinking of organising another playdate(before I pop) for the two of them! 🙂 Looking forward!



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