@Week 32

Preggy at 32 weeks 🙂

Time flies! I’m already in my third trimester, 32 weeks pregnant. My edd would be on the 19th August. So it’s less than 2 months to go. Gosh… I’m getting real nervous! Had my checkup done today at Dr Ang’s clinic. As usual, it seems like I can easily put on 2 to 3Kg every month so I’m now 72Kg heavy! Hehe 😉 Baby is in breech position and growing well too. She is now 1.7Kg heavy. Currently our only concern is that my placenta is still low and baby head is above the placenta, I might have to deliver via caesarean. Really scared. However, there is still time for baby to turn and placenta to move up to further determine the delivery. So I shall talk to the baby everyday and then we will see how things progress in July. *Keeping fingers crossed* 🙂

Somehow I really felt so thankful to have Papa Yap accompanying me for all my check up appointments. I’m grateful enough! 🙂 Love you.



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