***15th June***

Finally I couldn’t resist and bought the first pair of fitflop. Haha… Was really an expensive pair of slippers. As I am having real bad backaches and aching feet, Papa Yap felt it is neccesary to get a pair of comfortable shoe for me to ease the aches from walking. Heard from my friends that fitflop are really comfortable and can even tone up one’s legs. The slippers are designed and customised to help relieve back pain, posture and balance from walking. Guess what, only after paying for the fitflop, then I read the tag that stated pregnant woman are not encouraged to wear fitflop due to the inherent increased muscle load. ‘FitFlop footwear not be worn during pregnancy’. *faint* I was rather upset with the sales lady who didn’t tell us about such clause… Since I have already paid for it, I decided to just try walking around in it straight after the purchase. I did experience a little discomfort on the first day of wearing them. Therefore that very night, I (being a worrier) googled and read that alot of pregnant woman are still using Fitflop and they claimed that it actually do not affect them. And of course there are people who rather not take any risk wearing the fitflop. At last, I decided to try wearing the Fitflop out for short trips and if I were to feel any discomfort then I would keep them for good till I pop. Right now, it has been a week and it seems pretty fine to me. 🙂



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