Cooking Mama

Occasionally, I will whip up a spread(one soup and two/three dishes) for Papa Yap. I enjoy cooking though the cleaning and washing part sucks. Haha… Well I have not been really cooking for Papa Yap ever since my tummy got bigger and as backaches became real bad. As for Darian, I am still cooking his lunch and dinner during the weekdays. Its really difficult to bring him out for meal as he still prefer homecooked food. So I am still able to endure cooking small portion and simple meal for my precious son. Lucky Darian! 🙂 Since Papa Yap is on leave for this whole week and he has been craving to eat stir fry si chuan preserved veg, I happily told him that I would be cooking two meals for him. Fried rice and porridge with various dishes. I knew it would not be easy as the preparation time can really kills but I would try my best. In the end, everything turns up fantastic! The fried rice was yummylicious! Haha… Even Darian asked for a second serving. For the porridge lunch, We finished up everything. Great! Two thumbs up for myself! 🙂

After which I told Papa Yap that I will not be cooking for him until I pop! Hehe… Seriously after all the cooking and cleaning, I need bed rest for my aching back and feet! No joke! 🙂

Monday lunch – Yummy Fried Rice  🙂

Thursday lunch – Porridge with steamed minced meat and egg, steamed fish, stir fry french beans and si chuan preserved veg 🙂



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